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IMPORTANT: This website will close on approximately 7/28/2015.

The MTville chatroom will remain open as long as it is being used.

It will be necessary for you to have an IRC program such as mIRC after the above date to access the chatroom.



Welcome to #MTville's home on the Web! MTville is an IRC channel on Chat4All. Our group is made up of MTs (medical transcriptionists), MT students, and others interested in the profession. We were founded in March of 2005. The channel was officially registered with Undernet on March 26, 2005 (our birthday!). We moved to Chat4All on April 5, 2013.

#MTville is open 24 hours! Someone is usually there.  :p



Directions to our place:

If you know how to navigate IRC, the chat room is on Chat4All and the channel name is #MTVille; you'll know what to do from there.


PC Users:

If you use mIRC, click here to autojoin the chat room. =)

We have yet another way to join the chatroom. So that you don't have any trouble, you can use the menu below. If you have not registered a nickname on Chat4All yet, leave the password blank. If you have registered, put the password in the space provided.



Mac users:

I am no expert with Mac systems, but I have found some shareware clients for Mac computers. I have listed them in the order they seem to be recommended, but I will leave the choice to you:

Conversation (freeware)




Linux/Unix users:

Again, I am no expert with Linux/Unix systems, but I have found a multiplatform client for Linux/Unix computers:


Meet Your Channel Ops! (operators)



bullet Autymn




bullet Hornet^

Op Listing with Undernet Usernames

Nick Most Used Position Undernet Username
Bobbie Channel Manager BobbieJ417
Hornet^ Op Hornet62
powder Assistant Channel Manager whitelight
Autymn (Wynter, Spryng, Summyr) Op Wynterayn
reneale Op reneale

Sometimes regulars are bestowed with special powers. In MTville, we refer to them as our deputies. Currently, we do not have any active deputies.

MTville article published in Career Step's newsletter, Stepping Up, 2005 (in MS Word format)

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MTville would like to thank Renesue (Rennie) for the work that she did on this website.
All of her work is greatly appreciated and was key in making this site possible and in giving it the look it now has.

MTville management

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